9 legit ways to make money on Facebook without any investment

Most people use Facebook to share photos and stay in touch with friends, but did you know that you can make money on Facebook as well? There are lots of ways to make money on Facebook, from using link-type advertising programs to creating a fanpage and then selling the posts. You can even use Facebook to advertise and sell your products.

Make Money Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. Whether you own a full-fledged business or you only have one item to sell, anybody can make money on Facebook without investment or capital.

There’s in this piece of article I’m going to show you how to make money on Facebook. Before starting, let me give you short story of mine. I started explore Facebook opportunity on 2021 while I was a University student. Since then I started to learn how to make money on Faceboo within 3 months I was able to make over $2000 with Facebook.

Criteria to make money on Facebook

I can say anybody can make money with Facebook. Like anything in life, you need to be persistent and not give up if your campaign doesn’t work the first time.

For most of these suggestions, the quality of your Facebook profile is going to be your best way of making a first impression. There are lots of spammers on Facebook that promise the world and never follow through. You don’t want to be one of these people as your chances of making money will be slim.

Make sure your Facebook profile makes it look like you’re a real person. Put a picture of yourself or your business emblem in your profile picture or cover photo section.

Best ways to make money on Facebook without any investment

1. Create and sell Facebook group

You can easily make money on Facebook by just creating Facebook group, promote it, once such group got enough member you can sell it. If you create Facebook group which is member niche based it will sound good. You can sell your newly created group to clients in Fiverr and Telegram. Alternatively you can get client on freelancing marketplace who will direct you to create Facebook group for you and the client will pay you.

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2. Be Facebook moderator or social media manager.

You can also easily make money on Facebook by being a Facebook admin, moderator or community manager. You can get hired by client or any person who want virtual assistant to help him or her to manage his or her Facebook group or Facebook page. To shorten a story personally when I was at University I was also worked as community manager to my US Chicago client. I was paid $200 per month moderating her Facebook group as well as Facebook page. With such passive income help me to survive while at University level. You can get Facebook moderation job from freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com etc

3. Sell your product on Facebook

In general, you can sell anything on Facebook that you can buy at a local store without having to show a photo id or a doctor’s prescription. You can sell products like hearth care products, cars, alcohol, clothes etc. This can be successful if you will try to use Facebook marketplace.

4. Join sell and buy groups

If you’re trying to sell locally, there’s a good chance you probably won’t sell to a friend. That’s why you also need to join your local buy and sell groups. Facebook makes it super easy to sell because you can usually create the post in one group and you have the option to choose other groups before the post goes live. From there you can gain customer and earn passive income. As an example, let’s say you want to sell your car. Your local city or county most likely has at least two different buy and sell groups that accept used car listings. Even though you only make one post, it shows up in multiple groups and you get to reach more Facebook members.

5. Earn through Affiliate link

Do you use an online service that you just love and want to share with others? Word of mouth recommendations are one of the most efficient forms of advertising. Companies know this and that’s why they offer refer-a-friend bonus when your friends join by social media. I personally use Adsterra and I managed to earn over $3000 through it. If you don’t have adsterra account you can create one over here. I also use Bluhehost domain and hosting provider as they over $65 upon one customer sign up. You can buy domain and hosting here through bluehost. Those affiliate link you will share it through Facebook.

6. Be Facebook media buyer

As a Facebook media buyer you can make money on Facebook through create or manage ads on Facebook on behalf of your clients. Media buyer most of them earn over $1000 per month. I have one of my closest friend who manage to build house, start real estate business and buy a expensive car by only being media buyer in Facebook using Facebook ads Manager. Media buyer job you can find it in freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

7. Enter contest using Facebook

Some companies and blogs run contests and you can earn entries by sharing your link on Facebook or following their Facebook page. You can also join contest and giveaways groups to find the newest opportunities as well.

8. Create and sell business Facebook page

You can also easily make money on Facebook by just create Facebook page for your client. That means client from freelancing marketplace will hire you to create a Business Facebook page for his or her project and fill necessary things like Facebook page banner, description etc and then you get paid by doing so.

9. Do promotion

You can also make money on Facebook by just create Facebook group or page, then once you have enough member in your group, some people will come in your inbox wanting you to allow them promote their products, goods or services, then you will charge them any amount you agreed between then you promote their products or services in your Facebook group or page.

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