7 new ways to Make money online in Tanzania without any investment

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Do you know you can real make money online in Tanzania without any investment. Therefore in this article I will show you 7 approved ways to make money online in Tanzania for free.
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Tanzania like any other countries there’s a lot of opportunities to earn money online, what is important you need to have a right skills and right information. Before we get started, I want to told you my journey on making money online. I personally made over $7000 at the time I was a University student.

So while I was University student I made over 16 Million Tanzania Shillings equal to $7000+ USD, therefore I was able to pay my school fees, help my siblings and make some investment. The screenshot below show how much I earned and I still earn some passive income online;

Fiverr balance Fiverr withdraw proof

As I told you prior it is possible to make money online in Tanzania, if you will be persistent, hard working, be patient and learn new skills. Now let’s discuss on the different ways to earn money online in Tanzania.

Approved 7 ways to make money online for free in Tanzania.

The following are best ways to make money online in Tanzania without any investment;

#1. Create a blog

You can make money online in Tanzania by just create a blog and start earning money from it. The question will be how can I earn money from blog? Okay. There’s a different way to earn money from blog or website. The popular one is applying monetization through different ads platform. The popular ads platform is Google adsense, Ezoic, Propellar Ads, Adsterra as well as Medianet. You will get paid by writing content and if such content got may impression or clicks after the end of month you will receive your payment.
For google adcence in order to get paid you need to have minimum $100.

#2. Be a freelancer

Freelancer is the person who sells how digital skills online. It’s easy to make money online in Tanzania as a freelancer if you have a right skills. As a freelancer you can register as a English to Swahili Translator. Check out 10 website to find English translation jobs. Another skills is Website design, customer care service, proofreading, data entry, blog content writing as well as digital marketing skills.

Now the question is how do I register my skills, or where do I get client who will buy my skills. There’s a plenty of website you can register and find client. The popular one is Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com or Guru.

#3. Create YouTube channel

You can make money online in Tanzania by just creating YouTube channel, and once you meet required criteria to get YouTube channel monetization which include 1000 subscriber, 4 thousands watch hours within 12 months, YouTube partner program through Google adsense will place ads on your YouTube video and then you will start earning passive income by just creating video on YouTube.

#4. Earning through survey apps

You can earn or make money online in Tanzania by just download survey apps and start making money from it by answering those survey questions. Personal I made about Tsh. 500,000 through answering survey from surveys apps like Premise, Geopoll, Mobiworx, Dent and UHRS survey through click worker app.

#5 Create android and IOS application

Hey Tanzanian, you can earn money online by just creating an app and monetize it. There’s different ways to monetize your app. The most used is app advertising by placing Google admob ads, so when you application either in Playstore or App store got more download and if you already have admob ads, you will get paid when Google admob place their ads on your application. Also there’s a new trick to make money through publishing the client app, you don’t need to have an application. I will discuss this trick on the next post.

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#6. Do micro jobs

Micro jobs are those jobs which does not need a lot of skills. You can make money online in Tanzania by just doing micro jobs like like Facebook page, like and follow Instagram or Facebook page, comment on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, download application as well as like and comment on client YouTube channel. You can get those microjobs in website like Clickworker, Picoworker, Microworker, Toloka etc

#7. Start cryptocurrency and forex trading.

With development of Technology from day to day, now you can make money online in Tanzania through crypto currency. This is new technology resulted from development of science and technology. Instead of using fiat money one can opt to use crypto currency. You can make money on crypto space by trading, stacking or be Binance P2P merchant or you can mine coin like Remitano Coin Network (RENEC)

In case of forex trading you can make money online through foreign exchange (forex). Then you can use legit broker like Deriv to withdraw your earned money from trading forex for free also you can deposit for free by using Deriv a Forex Broker.

NOTE: These are the best ways to make money online in Tanzania. In case of payment I’m using Payoneer to receive my funds from freelancing platform Upwork, and Fiverr, I also use Wise to receive payment affiliate marketing payment. But some client pay me through Crypto because it’s secure and less fees than other method, and I exchange my crypto to fiat money by using Binance and Remitano P2P.

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