6 Legit Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp without any Investment

Have you ever imagined that you can exactly make money on WhatsApp? If the answer is yes keep reading this post.

Even though WhatsApp itself doesn’t support advertisement at the moment, still there are lots of ways to on how to make money on WhatsApp.

Social media platforms such as  Facebook, TikTok, Twitter Instagram and Linkedin have evolved to be a way of life in recent times. One can’t think of one’s day-to-day living without the occupancy of these social media platforms.

Although the social media giant doesn’t support placing ads, buy still you can make money on  Whatsapp without any investment or capital. It’s total free to earn some passive income on WhatsApp. Therefore in this article we are going to explore 6 best ways to make money on WhatsApp without without any investment or capital.

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Best legit ways to make money on WhatsApp without any investment.

1. Selling your product

If you have any product and you’re looking for customers you can take opportunity of having WhatsApp installed in your phone. Now the question is, how you’re going to sell your product in WhatsApp? Let’s assume you sell clothes, cosmetics, furniture, phone accessories, shoes or glasses, so what  you need to do is just posting your project either in your WhatsApp status. If that will not work try to create WhatsApp group.

Below is the screenshot of WhatsApp status of my friends who make money on WhatsApp through selling his clothes on WhatsApp Meta platform.

2. Selling your service through WhatsApp.

Do you have any service or skills to offer, and you don’t have audience? If you have any service to offer don’t hesitate to join on WhatsApp because WhatsApp will help you sell your service and earn some passive income. I have 2 of my friends who make money on WhatsApp by just selling their service hereinafter teaching through WhatsApp groups on how to become successful. Others offer movie selling service, some are professional teacher and they are looking to get students for tution and they really make money from it.

3. Be affiliate marketer

Affiliate Marketing remains one of the best ways to make money online today. It requires you to promote products through links called “affiliate links”. You get paid each time someone purchases a product through your referral link.

Having a strategic and quality WhatsApp contact can help you become a successful Affiliate Marketer. There are different kinds of affiliates programs, and a few of them include; ShareASale, Commission Junction, Clickbank etc. In my case I’m using deriv and they offer me $15 upon sign up

All you really have to do, to make money through this affiliate earnings is just to copy the link to the products you want and simply paste it on your WhatsApp groups, Status or create a broadcast list.

4. Share short links

Link Shorting is the most popular way to make money from WhatsApp. Short Links are the links which is a short form of long links. People create these type of links to share resources. When a person clicks on it, first it shows ads & then redirects you to the main page.

You can also make money on WhatsApp through by creating short link and share those short links to earn some passive income online. If someone click on it, you get paid. This will generate a passive income for you & I think it is the easiest way to make money from WhatsApp. So the best are to share your short links is WhatsApp particularly WhatsApp groups or WhatsApp status. From my personal experience I make more than $500 within a month by just share adsterra and adfly affiliate links. If you don’t have Adsterra account sign up here

Sign up here to create adfly account

If you are lucky enough, your message can go viral over the WhatsApp. And you make a good revenue out of it.

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5. Pay per download

This is one of the ways to make money on WhatsApp. If this is new to you, you must be wondering what it is all about. This is where you upload files such as pictures, videos, music, games and lots more to these websites and then you get paid for every upload.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?. If you must know before the person gets to download, he or she will probably be shown surveys or ads. It’s only after completing the surveys or viewing the ads, that they can actually download. This is how money is made to pay you.

So if you’re interested in using this method to make money on WhatsApp. All you’ll have to do is to join groups or make contacts with people that have similar interests as yours.

6. Bring traffic to your website/ or app

So if you have website or an application you can post your blog post links in your WhatsApp groups as sharing link in WhatsApp status. So this will increase traffic and earnings in your website or application.


This is not financial advice also this is not get quick money or ponzi scheme. If you think this post can be helpful to somebody else, please share it on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email or any social media to your friends or colleagues.


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