How to earn free airtime and data on Mobiworkx

Are you looking on how to earn free airtime as well as free data from Mobiworkx and other survey app from Tanzania? If your answer is yes then you’re in the right direction because in this article I’m going to show you how to make money on Mobiworkx and earn airtime and data for free. Besides that I will show you how to withdraw from mobiworkx, I will also make a review wether mobiworkx is legit or scam basing on my experience using mobiworkx long time.

Before we get started everyone want to know what’s mobiworkx. Don’t worry you’re in the right hands and right direction to explain you everything you need to know about mobiworkx.

What is mobiworkx: Is it legit or scam

Mobiworkx is the survey website owned by Kantar Companies. Mobiworkx it’s member by only Sharing their thoughts on the product and service you use everyday.  It only takes a few minutes and it’s online so you can do it just about anywhere you’re. So everytime you share your thoughts on products you use like Smartphone you use, TV cable, how you use internet data et. Based on my experience Mobiworkx is not scam because I share my thoughts by completing survey which takes few minutes then after reaching required amount to withdrawal mobiworkx send me my payment through Vodacom Tanzania as you can see in the screenshot below.

Mobiworkx survey

If you look on the screenshot above it show that I receive airtime from Mobiworkx worth $2 equal to Tsh. 5000 then I redeemed the airtime I withdraw from mobiwork and buy internet, sms and call package. Bear in mind you can also make money on mobiworkx through it’s affiliate program known as mobiworkx referral whereby you will earn some money through inviting your colleagues. Don’t have Mobiworkx account sign up here

How to sign up on Mobiworkx fast

Mobiworkx registration or login is essential in order to start making money on mobiworkx. To create account on mobiworkx is very simple. It takes you less than 2 minutes to sign in on mobiworkx and activate account. Follow the following procedures to register on mobiworkx;
step 1. Launch your browser
Step 2. Navigate to:
Step 3. Enter your phone number, as well as your password you wish to use

Step 4. Click on “sign up” after correctly enter the required information. Then boom! You’re ready to start receiving survey and earn some passive income online.

How to withdrawal your money from Mobiworkx

Mobiworkx withdrawal is quite simple. There’s several ways to withdrawal your earned income. For example you can withdraw through PayPal or you can withdraw via airtime for some countries. In case of Tanzania only way available to withdraw is through mobiworkx send you free airtime as you can see in the screenshot I share below. I received Tsh 5000 as airtime. As you can see see in my account. I withdraw Only $2 and arrived in my Vodacom simcard though still there’s some balance in my account so I can withdraw it anytime through the method to withdraw on Mobiworkx.

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